Hoochie Coochie Mikkie


  • Blues, Rock, Singer / Songwriter
  • Metro Manila
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Upcoming Gigs

"Most of the time in My Brother's Mustache in Timog Ave. cor Sct. Tuason Quezon City, Philippines.

On beaches, on hotels, on concert stages, bars, restaurants, on the streets. You name it.

I play anytime, anywhere.

Check out my Facebook Page for DAILY updates!"

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One Man. One Guitar. One Drum. One voice ...

A One Man Show.


Ain't nuthin' but the Blues! Gospel/Soulful Booming Voice Wild Slide Guitar Playing Whole body coordination being a one man show!


Started the long and winding road of the Blues way back in 2007 --- first hearing the traces from Jimi Hendrix and from Stevie Ray Vaughan, then digging deeper into the Chicago sound.

Hearing Muddy Waters' 1952 hit "Hoochie Coochie Man" sealed the deal, walking forward to the path of the Blues without looking back. Through the years he formed several bands to emulate the sounds of Chicago that he fell in love with: BB King, Freddie King, Muddy Waters and a whole lot of other great musicians.

After a series of unfortunate events during the year 2012, one of which is the death of his father, cemented his will to pursue his dream -- to make the world his stage while expressing himself with the music he identified with the most.

Digging much deeper than before to the roots of the Blues itself, namely Delta Blues, he taught himself to play the harmonica and incorporate the acoustic style and slide playing.
As his music evolved, so did his performance and playing. Incorporating a kickdrum to his feet, and plugging his well-loved resonator "Mojo" to an Amp, he does One Man Shows all around the place.

Also an active street musician/busker, performs regularly on Bonifacio Highstreet at The Fort and many other spots in the city.

Using the stage name "Hoochie Coochie Mikkie" after his favorite song of Muddy's, he now roams around playing his own brand of Blues in and outside of Metro Manila and hopefully --- around the world.

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