Paolo Santos


  • Easy Listening, Pop, Soft Rock, Singer / Songwriter
  • Metro Manila
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In 2003, while playing for a wedding, he was approached by a very popular radio DJ named Joe D’Mango. He offered him a 30-minute slot at his radio station to do live covers of popular songs. It became an instant hit and paved the way to do bigger venues, international tours and numerous albums. He was popularly known as “mister acoustic” because of his musical style and has already sold platinum and gold albums, worked with the best musicians in the Philippines and even opened for international acts such as Jason Mraz and Duncan Sheik.

Now, Paolo is recording a new record under Ivory Records filled with OPM popular hits and as well as his own compositions. He will also be doing radio and TV again together with other great musicians (Jimmy Bondoc, Luke Mejares, Top Suzara, DJ Myke) by the end of March 2009.


My influences are James Taylor, John Mayer, America, Dave Matthews Band, Bread, The Beatles


Paolo’s musical journey was considered to be accidental. It seemed that he was at the exact place and time when people were looking for something fresh in the music scene. Before doing anything that has to do with music, he traveled the world, worked odd jobs and even thought that he would end up working in the corporate jungle for the rest of his existence.

However, the love for music has been there at a very young age. He listened to the works of The Beatles, James Taylor , America and Bread. He taught himself to play the guitar and fell in love with it. Eventually, he ended up playing for the community church choir, small gatherings and even for birthdays and weddings.

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