The Big Beer Dippers


  • Blues, Indie, Jazz, RnB / Soul, Rock
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 3


Upcoming Gigs

Where? We have them right up in your soul when we start serving up some soulful licks of Blues and Rock n Roll.

We play usually at Verdandi Bar, Checkpoint, Mang Rudy's and The Roadhouse Manila Bay. We're looking forward to playing in places like B-Side and Saguijo.

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We are the Big Beer Dippers and we are a blues band. Blues at its core and spreading it roots around psychedelic, funk, Rock n Roll, RnB and fuzz driven mayhem that's just waiting to blow the brains out of the audience. Influenced by the likes of Gary Clark Jr., Eric Clapton, John Mayer, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, and many more, we love delivering something straight for our souls and infuse it with your souls until the music creeps to mind.

Dean is our lead vocalist and guitarist and occasionally plays the harmonica. A Music Production graduate with a soul full of Blues, this guy and his soulful voice psychedelic passionate guitar licks, rhythmic harmonica phrasing, and endless improvisational ideas, he can deliver
blues as classically as possible with a contemporary taste.

Rafa is our lead guitarist. Despite only being bitten by the blues bug quite recently, Rafa has been bitten hard. He has been playing the guitar for 10 years and has been influenced by many Rock genres from Hard Rock, Punk, and Metal. His style has evolved into a controlled, riff­induced mayhem with a vocal and spine tingling quality to them which complements the band’s genre perfectly.

“The Billy Sheehan of the South” is what most people say when they first hear Popo hit a note on his bass. A very humble man off­stage but one who transforms into a beast once the music starts flowing through him. With his immense skill he is a perfect fit for the band and has become a sort of ships engine,driving the rhythm of the band with earthshaking bass and guitar­like solos.

Miguel is the newest addition to the band. With loud beats and rhythm in hands and toes, he delivers the soul and fire of the band and not to mention the immense dynamics and groove. He'll keep the sound sticky and loud.


Acoustics, Corporate Events, Host, Others(Production gigs)


The Big Beer Dippers started jamming around 2013. During the same year they decided to go for the annual Philippine Blues Competition’s 2nd installment. Ever since then they have been more immersed in the Southern Manila Indie scene playing in bars like X278 (Formerly known as 278 Apache), Sev’s Café. They have also played in bigger bars like Roadhouse Manila Bay, 19 East and Checkpoint. They have been playing in malls like V Central Molino and SM City Molino. They have competed already twice in the Philippine Blues competition. They are aware that this competition will give them a chance to go to Memphis for the International Blues Competition. They still are very motivated and passionate about the idea of one day representing the Philippines in the International Blues Competition. So far the band page has been getting 670+ likes and counting. They have been making a lot of online
noise and getting attention from a large audience.

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