DJ Lanz Cometa




A solo artist from Cebu City which has a bunch of talents about DJing, and also became a mentor of a CAFA student who won a second runner up at the 1st San Carlos DJ Spin-off contest. I was once became a mentor of Sean Tuico who has a fame now for being a club and event line-up DJ. I never wish to be one of the fame who plays at big stage or any event that features and show-off the talent of being a DJ, I just want to bring joy to people I will serve. And this is just my hobby since I was a little kid. DJing thing is one of my dream, then now, i bought my own equipments which i can perform my skill in proper and professional way.


Birthdays, Weddings, Others(Disco and Club)


I've been starting all my DJing thing since i was 12 years old, without any owned equipments, but rather i can still insist my talent to show it to the people whom to be entertained with. I also been making my own musics, producing such thing that can make people dance. Producing music is not easy, you need to look for something that can inspire your feelings and that can inspire your life because it will reflects as your make and produce your own music. By doing these such things, it is now more like to be giving life of my each day because music is my life.

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