Red Light Go!


  • Alternative Music, OPM, Pop Rock, Punk, Rock
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 1


We are an indie band who plays in any event for free, we used to listen to any kinds of music. We appreciate any kinds of Genre, We play original compositions and sometimes we cover songs and create our own rendition. Music is our passion that's why we became friends and formed this band. We want to express our feelings thru music and by composing original songs. Our goal is to share our music to everybody who appreciates music. Many foreign and local bands inspires us that's why we continue to create new songs and fresh sounds. We just want to play anywhere and enjoy life.


Acoustics, Birthdays, Others(bar gigs, concert, events, free show)


Remar Sabangan - Vocals
Adrian Balagot - Guitars
Migs De Guzman - Bass
Niko Tolipas - Drums
Nico Bacani - Guitars

It all started when Remar Sabangan and Adrian Balagot decided to form a band with a fresh new sound. First a drummer was needed, Niko Tolipas came into the picture being bandmates with Remar since high-school, he was the first choice. Then Migs De Guzman was a college classmate of Adrian and was asked to join the band forming RedLightGo! on June 2009. Then in the year 2014 Nico Bacani came into the picture and also asked to join the band.

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