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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 3


Upcoming Gigs

Aug 17 : Zili - Felix Avenue, Cainta Pasig
Aug 18 : Route 196, Katipunan Q.C.
Aug 19 : Catch272, Kamuning Q.C.
Aug 25 : Catch272, Kamuning Q.C.
September 2 : Route 196, Katipunan Q.C.
September 23 : Zili - Felix Avenue, Cainta Pasig

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Top Junk emerged from a self-tilted album in 2009 and has since ratified its members back to a quartet format. The current line-up includes core members Izel Placido (vocals) and Coy Placido (guitar) with fresh support from a new backing team comprised of: Tan Placido (bass), and Dennis Delos Santos (drums)

Musically playful and dense with a mix of genres, Top Junk is heady with lyrical twists of love songs and melancholy. Thematically and sonically, the band delivers mostly upbeat and pulsating rhythms enclosed in a personal note of childlike whimsy. The band thrives in a live setting since their performances are curiously and equally fuelled with pure, unadulterated fun and as a result, emotional ballads loom from behind the group’s tickled persona.

The band is progressing to new dynamics and material and will soon be delivering fresh pop songs to snack on.
In the meantime, the band’s Retox (EP) from 2014 is available in digital format at your favorite streaming and downloading services.


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Top Junk is an electro-punk indie band from the Philippines. Made-up of duo: Izel (vocals, synth), and Coy (guitar, bass, beats, keys).
Formed in 2005, the band’s upbeat musical style combines elements of punk rock, disco, pop, new wave and funk music. Their songs mostly emphazise on straightforward everyday musings. The band chose a name that reflects the constant contradictions of life in general, from simple concerns to philosophical musings. The group uploaded their demos through various websites and made their initial music available at no cost.

In December 2009, Top Junk released their self-titled album under Indie label D Chord Records, and released a zombie-themed video.

In September 2014 Top Junk released an EP titled RETOX available via iTunes.

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