Soulful Jigs


  • Dance Music, EDM, Hiphop/Rap, House, Pop, Pop Rock, RnB / Soul, Techno, Trance
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 120 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2



Currently, he is a resident DJ at Royal Night Club Makati. He is also a sound Engineer , music is really close to his heart that is why Dennis Garra a.k.a is now in demand to most clubs in the Philippines such as Prive’, Pool Club of the Palace , Chaos/Pangaea located at City of Dreams Manila among other Elite Clubs. He has been around Asia as well as USA and Europe. He also hosted on Home Radio 106.7 FM station in the Philippines where he played EDM and received positive feedback from the station’s listener that they are asking for him to regularly host friday’s slot for Home Radio 106.7. "Professional and International EDM, Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Future House and Classic House DJ, who brings energy to the Clubs. He has decades of experience in the clubbing scene from the basics to the advance rigged. Expect “Soulful” banging sounds when he gets into the deck that will make you bounce and crazy.”From Manila Clubbing scene and other countries such as in Asia, USA and Europe DJ Soulful Jigs has nailed all the events and gigs that he have been into. From 1990-present he has been moving around clubs in the Philippines such as: Spirits Discotheque, Equinox Discotheque, Kudos, Colors Disco, Time in Manila (where he is a resident DJ), Seventh High, Prive Luxury Club, Vanity Super Club, Palladium, Luxor, Club Haze, Uno Lounge, Uno Pizzeria, Gigz Superclub (Subic).Who are you musical influences? DJ Soulful Jigs :"Tiesto and Hardwell"


Birthdays, Corporate Events, Weddings, Others(Music Festivals and Rave parties)


Do you have any other job aside from being a dj?

DJ Soulful Jigs : "Yes. I'm an Audio Consultant by day for a real estate company. Sometimes, I am a broker (both private and government agencies). I am also doing part-time consulting and personalized mentorship to aspiring DJs."

How did you get into disc jockeying?

DJ Soulful Jigs : "You got to have love and passion with music. Since High School, I was a member of a "Mobile Disco Group". We catered high school dances, soirees, private dance parties, etc. That's the time when I started to be a DJ. I learned it by myself using dual cassette tapes. (Imagine that! J) Then, turn tables came in so I learned that, too."

- With this being said we can say that Dennis started early in the party scene, thou most of us really sneak in our highschool days just to party, but he was able to discover early in his life that this will soon be a career for his. Two thumbs up on this DJ Jigs. Moving right along, let us get to know more about him and his insights about being a DJ.

Isn't it expensive to start a career as a dj? How do you manage to be updated when it comes to equipments?

DJ Soulful Jigs : "Yes, precisely. It’s the same as any other business. You need to get everything you need to keep it running even if it costs you money. For its development, of course. From headphones to laptops and software, these things will evolve from time to time and you would need to go with the flow once it comes."

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