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Genre: Symphonic Progressive Metal / “Martial Law Metal”
Founded: July 2010
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines

Frank Corona – Vocals
Ron Jaworski – 7 and 8 string Bass
Ivan Te – 6, 8, and 9 string Guitars
Chislon Bolaños – 6, 8, and 9 string Guitars
Recher Policarpio – Drums
Keyo Ledesma – Keyboards

Ron Jaworski (bass) – Albion Amplifiers (UK), BassLab Instruments (Germany)
Chislon Bolaños (guitars) – Ibanez Guitars (Japan)
Ivan Te (guitars) – Positive Grid (USA)

“Il Nomine Patris” (self-titled debut album – 2013)
11 Tracks, 66 mins.
Recorded at Tower of Doom Studios
Lyrics and Music by Il Nomine Patris
Produced by: Phillip Añonuevo

2nd album – to be released in 2017


Large Crowds and Venues / Music Festivals / Bar gigs


Il Nomine Patris is best known for creating “epic” progressive arrangements and hard-hitting riffs that are supported by thought-provoking melodies. While INP’s music is predominantly categorized as “Metal”, the musical arrangement of INP’s songs do not abide by any specific rules or subgenres – each song is a story on it’s own and is pieced together carefully as the stream of emotions flow out of the notes. From Thrash, to Death Metal, to Reggae, to Neoclassical, to Metalcore, and to a Waltz movement – seamless transitions allow these wide variety of riffs and melodies to coadunate and paint one big picture.

The use of extended range instruments (7/8 string bass, 8/9 string guitars) also provides the INP sound with a wide spectrum of notes in order to achieve a unique balance between the booming low and the crisp and warm notes of the higher register. INP’s songs are very demanding in terms of technique, endurance, chemistry, precision, and stamina, but the melodies truly stand out in each song.

The lyrics are culturally relevant, and it delves deep into social issues such as poverty, politics, corruption, worldly desires, positive change, and the hopes of a brighter future. It tells stories of how these issues and situations are part of human nature, and how history tends to repeat itself. Regardless of these situations, the end goal is to learn from these mistakes and move forward so that we can learn to build a better tomorrow for the generations to come.

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