Not Informed


  • Alternative Music, Rock, Pop Rock, OPM
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 30 Minutes | No. of Sets : 1


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Ang bandang galing Taft.

We will uplift OPM no matter what

Not Informed is an all-male Filipino group all hailing from De la Salle College of St. Benilde, School of Design and Arts. The band consists of Junno(Rhythms and Vocals), James(Lead and back-up vocals), Joey(Bass and Back-up Vocals), and Francis(Drums). The band plays easy listening and relatable music that focuses on songs written about the life stories, journeys, and challenges undertaken by the band members themselves. They share to the audiences the special moments of their lives through the songs written and at the same time, accompanied with a certain melody, depending on the situation, whether it had been the worst or the best of its kind. Playing fast alternative pop punk rock at its best, as Music Production students, the band also performs a variety of song types including slow tempo songs that are heartfelt (sometimes humorous in a special way), subtle but still with a blend of heavy but melodic guitar riffs, and most of all, real, in which every song is based on a true story, dealing mostly with the imperfections of relationships people make in the lives they live in.


Big stages! We thrive in large venues and huge events. We believe we are fun to watch and were quite a spectacle during our performances. We play live rock that is suitable for every one. We always ensure that everyone has a good time because we always have a good time! And we always give a 100% in every gig we do, no biases. We do unique covers and also performs our own originals. If you want a good Rockin' night, we are the band for the job.


We are music production student/graduates.
We have mastered our craft throughout the years.
We do not play just we can express ourselves or earn money.
We do this because we believe that OPM is the best in the world.

We acknowledge the older generations and hopefully continue the legacy of OPM in our country.

This is not a gimmick
Nor a means to become famous.

This is our life.
Our passion.
Our purpose.
Our reason for existence.
This is who we are.

We are Not Informed

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