Theremymarie and the Chillmachines


  • Alternative Music, Indie Pop, Rock
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 30 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2


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The band is comprised of Remy del Rosario Vocalist, Vanz Valino Drummer, Kit Ludovice Bass, Lawrence Arvin Zamora Lead guitars, Jules Batisla ong Rhythm, Rudy Del Rosario 2nd vocals, Hix Santiago, Ivo Matthew Cruz Percussions.


Indiepop, Krautrock, Funk, Rock


This band is a project band of Remy Del Rosario AKA Theremymarie. She is an advocate, artist, singer/songwriter doing what she does "just for the highs and the lols" as she puts it. Music is her antidote while taking on the stress and anxiety of her day to day life as a working woman and a momma to aluli, her human baby boy and Pablito her BT bundle of pet joy. Most of her songs speak of feelings opposed to her Kemp facade with ambiguous repetitive lyrics and unconventional rhythm that may not be socially acceptable to your normal listening pleasure. Her music is mostly composed and arranged in the course of her travels and long bus rides and hours of idle touring in places where she wants to feel good in; these are such but not limited to: long holidays without work, horrendous Manila traffic and or any long hour courses of waiting in her lifetime. As long as she waits on and for something, music will not cease to be made.

A former vocalist of a ska punk band, Soulburn, Theremymarie shifted her focus on electronic indiepop and progressive music, infused with influences from artists like Massive attack, Bjork, Portishead, Air, Lamb, Milosh and the likes. She currently plays with a local world music band, Kaya Green Band with the same people that run her project band.

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