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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2


Upcoming Gigs

Watch me at Chaos, City of Dreams, Craft The Fort Stri and 12 Monkeys this July. Follow my FB Page (Official Joyce Mallari - for more info.

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A seasoned musician who has been in the entertainment industry in and out of the country for more than 10 years. She is hugely versatile and her extensive repertoire reflects all genre of music. After performing with different bands and with some of the best musicians/artists on the scene in various genre, Joyce decided to follow her passion. \r\nShe is performs at Craft Rock and Grill (The Fort Strip), 12 Monkeys, City of Dreams, The Brewery and other private/corporate events. She is going to launch her album this year with a mix of covers and original song.


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Joyce Mallari was born and raised in Dinalupihan, Bataan. She started her singing career when she was 17 years old. She has been a session performer with different famous bands in Manila and abroad. She performs in different selected bars and events. She is a big fan of Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, Adele, Queen, Corrine Bailey, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, Led Zeppelin, where she gets her inspiration in music. Joyce loves to travel and she loves going to the beach. She\' very active in fitness training like yoga, boxing and zumba. She is now a regular performer at City of Dreams, Craft The Fort Strip, 12Monkeys at El Pueblo Ortigas and The Brewery at the Palace.

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