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Founded on August 21, 2010
Release Date
August 21, 2010
Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Rock n Roll, Punk n Roll, Blues
Band Members
Mike Twain - Guitars / Vocals
Bryan Pernis - Bass / Back-up Vocals
Jun Divinagracia - Drums
Winterfell, Las Pinas
Record Label

Black Wolf Gypsies is a high energy Rock n Roll and Blues band based in Las Pinas and Alabang, The band was born on August 21, 2010. The band was founded by Mike "Twain" Datu Puangco, Jun Divinagracia, & Gian Sison, in a mission to continue the legacy of classic rock.

Current Location
Winterfell, Las Pinas




With a rich background in Blues and Classic Rock, each member envisioned a return of Rock n Roll in the local Music scene. In the spirit and tradition of authentic or Rock n Roll and Blues Rock Musicians, Black Wolf Gypsies believes in diligently, mainly playing originals rather than covers songs.

In their first few weeks of playing Gian Sison took an indefinite hiatus due to family matters. Bryan Pernis became the permanent Bass Player as of October 8, 2010. Jb Cesario was joined as permanent Guitar player in December 2012 to accommodate a dual guitar dynamics.

In February of 2012 Black Wolf Gypsies Released an independent full length record called "good morning paranoia". They are now currently working on their 2nd

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