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RUWEDA (A Ferris wheel or Wheel)

A “family” as what they would like to describe their group, Ruweda is not your customary band. They are heavy, tough and tenacious with the ability to get the crowd warped into their performance.

Founded in 2009, the band originally consisted of Lonay Pastrana, Flip Alejaga, Angelo Gianan and Kendal Absulio. After plenty of studio time, they started joining battle of the bands competitions and random local productions. As with all other bands, they experienced a few setbacks and adjustment of members along the way but finally stabilized in 2013 having the line up of Flip Alejaga, Lonay Pastrana, Ivan Manuel and Jefferson Macapagal. Passion fuelled and adamant, Ruweda is ready to be heard.
Determined and aggressive they will surely make a statement in the music scene. With Ivan’s mix of blues, funk, jazz rhythm, heavy note picking, and bluesy solos coupled with Flip’s experimental funk free-style bass riffs together with Jeff’s hard hitting methodological drum beats and Lonay’s wide vocal range and stage antics, it’s an all out groovy and eye candy satisfaction. Collectively putting their heart in every performance, this four piece band will take you by surprise. Their distinct music style defines the new Filipino Hard Funk. All out and Explosive! They are Ruweda.

Current Members
-Flip Alejaga
-Ivan Manuel
-Lonay Pastrana
-Kawal (sessionist)

Former Members
-Jefferson Macapagal
-Kendal Absulio
-Ian Pangandian
-Edward Dolar
-Angelo Gianan




Influenced mainly by RHCP, P.O.T., GNR, PearlJam, Rivermaya, Eraserheads, Stevie Wonder, Queen and Jimi Hendrix, they have developed a distinct style that is very Filipino. Ruweda’s lyrical compositions are all well thought of and are mostly in Tagalog, definitely loud and proud Filipinos.

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