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Upcoming Gigs

"Oct. 3 - Surfer Girls' Night - 3rd Annual Stokedinc. & Aliya Resort Phil. Wahine Classic - Aliya Surf Camp, Baler
Oct. 10 - The Passion Project PH- Sev's Cafe, Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila
Oct. 23 - 888 Vibers Bar & Resto, Leveriza Pasay
Oct. 24 - Erotika Night: the forbidden gig x Forbidden Song No. 2: Kamandag (Pogi Problems) - Sev's Cafe
Oct. 25 - Thrive Festival x Muni PH - Capitol Commons, Ortigas Center, Pasig"

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“All of us always loved music, although personally, I never thought of being in a band when I was younger. At first, this band was supposed to be just for experience. Until we’ve met and learned a lot from each other, got inspired altogether from the people we’ve met along the way. Now, we’re certain, this is what we really want to do” Android-18’s front woman Gela Quevedo (to Boomerang PH Interview).

Today, Android-18 is a band filled with inspirations and overflowing passion that shows through the energy of their performances. Unlike the previous years, they are now more eager to show their listeners what it’s like to be genuine.

Android-18 was first started in 2010 when Gela and Niokz decided to form the band and look for members. Permanent members (considered founding members) came together in February 2011, which began the spread of their name in the underground music scene. Didn’t take long, Android-18 is always remembered for their catchy sound and relatable lyrics, added with wild live performances as their trademark.

Before long-time-drummer versus the rest of the band parted ways in 2013, the usual progress of Android-18 constantly slows down. Above all, since the break up with the particular member, the band went on an unannounced indefinite hiatus.

“It feels like we are starting this whole thing again, back from square one” says Niokz Arcega. “During that time, we’re only obliged to carry on for the sake of our pride.”

After having a new drummer, the band bounced back easily to the scene. Everyone worked hard to get to the old vibe and failed, but learned so much and had an entirely different perspective.

“In the end, we realized that what we really want is to make music, put our hearts on it and have so much fun while we can. We don’t care when people around us say we’re just wasting our time, goofing around and all, ‘coz this is what makes us happy” says Gela.

This explains gradual changes on the band’s style of performances, plans and (after 3 years of bar touring) finally announced the release of first full album, “Saves the Day”, following the send off of its first single’s music video, “KSP” and the comeback of the original drummer, Jr Espartinas.

A band that started for the sake of just having fun got very serious, just to end up to have fun again. But this time, with much love and passion for making music.

Written by: M.C.

An electrifying three piece band consists of Benny Giron on ukulele, Ess Bobadilla on bass, and Jhenico dela Cruz on drums. They came up with their own music genre people now call Kuneho Rock. The three are coffee, sugar and hot water; a perfect blend for live wire madness that could sure perk your energy up.


Pop punk music and Film


Android-18: Discography (writer/s)

"Studio Albums"

✎ 4 Track Attack EP (2011)
1. PaperHeart (N. Arcega/ G. Quevedo)
2. Disyembre (G. Quevedo)
3. KSP (G. Quevedo)
4. Tie a Yellow Ribbon (Renditon)

✎ Saves the Day Full Album (2015)
1. 15 Minutes Away (N. Arcega)
2. Tigilan Na (G. Quevedo)
3. PaperHeart
4. Sobrang Mahal Kita (G. Quevedo)
5. Summer Star (G. Quevedo/ N. Arcega/ K. Ortillo)
6. Parengkoy (G. Quevedo)
7. Tormented Lovers (G. Quevedo)
8. Balewala (G. Quevedo)
9. Everything of you (G. Quevedo)
10. KSP

"Unofficial Releases"

✎ Mr.Teacher (G. Quevedo)
✎ Hindi Mo Mahal (G. Quevedo)
✎ Sa Hangin Lang (G. Quevedo)
✎ Saluhan Mo (G. Quevedo/ N. Arcega/ J. Espartinas)


BEST LIVE ACT - Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015 powered by Boomerang (PIRA2K15)

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