Zion Aquino


  • Indie Pop, Jazz, Pop, RnB / Soul, World Music / Beats
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2


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Zion is a multi-awarded singer/songwriter with a passion like no other


RnB, Soul, Jazz Pop


Zion grew up in a small town called Dinalupihan in the province of Bataan, the Philippines. Early exposure to music was through his dad, who played guitar and sang country music. Zion started singing at a very young age and tried out for contests and school musicales but did not receive much encouragement by people who thought his voice was too "weird." What people then perceived as a rather unusual voice for a kid would later on turn out to be his greatest asset.

In his 20's he found himself joining various singing contests and actually winning some of them. In 2005 StarWorld's Filipino-American Idol was mounted to promote American Idol's Finale episode for that season, and Zion was that contest's winner. He also won the McDonald's and MTV's Next Big Thing Search for the Next RnB Superstar held at Hard Rock Cafe in 2007.
By 2012, Zion was working in a major advertising agency and represented his company in Advertising Idol, a contest organized by the Advertising Board of the Philippines among the country's top advertising agencies. Zion won and was awarded a special prize for having competed despite the severe disadvantage of having to tote a colostomy bag during the competition since he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer at the time.

His being a cancer survivor has given Zion's singing a deeper purpose: to shine the light on those undergoing treatment in the hopes of helping them recover.

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