DJ Sonny Tugade


  • Easy Listening, Electronic Music, Pop, World Music / Beats
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2



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I specialize in 70' and 80's Music


As a student at LSGH, I already had an insatiable appetite to listen to and collect records. I think this was due to my father’s influence who was himself an avid record collector and music fan. He would listen to his records the whole day on weekends and a lot of his favorites were very upbeat and danceable. Elvis and the Beatles, Glenn Miller, Chuck Berry, etc.

This constant exposure to dance music most probably rubbed off on me as a result, I started collecting my own. Started with 45rpm vinyl then went on to LPs and extended remixes. Put up our own small mobile disco and went head to head with Ricky Ledesma, Audio Venture, Sonorous, and many more. I bumped into a neighbor who happened to be a SoundOut DJ.

Asked him how he got the job and he told me to hang around first with the DJs at their jobs. Did just that and before you knew it I learned the basics just by watching them. Nobody really taught me, I just learned naturally. When I thought I was ready, I auditioned and I passed. The people who helped me become a DJ are gone. To them, my heartfelt gratitude.

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