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Kevin McCann - Rhythm guitar
Bryan Osorio - Vocals
JV Pagayon - Drums / Percussions
PJ Naranjo - Lead guitar / backup vocals
Gudz Godinez - Bass guitar

Formally formed in August 2010, we were a six-piece acoustic singer-laden band (yea, we have been a crowded band) with the original line up with myself, Kev M, Bry, Ellis, Gudz and Kev E (as a a former vocalist). Kicked off in Salt and Spirits (Pilar Village, LPC), with different songs of various genres and timelines, originally formed just for a surprise gig of a friend for her boyfriend.

But it became more than that.

We started playing in Peaberry Cafe (BFRV, LPC) with a wider range of songs, earning more fans and being known a bit better in our area. Along the way, changes in the lineup were made - with Kev E leaving the country, and having Kate and Earl as new vocalists.

In early 2011, we started writing our own songs. The first two songs, written in the same month of March, came out to be with titles Kras (a play of the English word "Crush", a Filipino song which is about a guy having a crush on this certain, who eventually earns a hug in the end of the song) and Sunshine (song written in English which is about a guy singing his heart out of gratitude for this girl who is reciprocating the same feelings for him, having her as "his only sunshine and greatest lifeline"). Both of these songs helped us earn not only more fans, but an image of a musically capable group. The process of creating these songs helped us mature musically as a group.




Along with the two original songs and lots of cover songs, a new original song came up - titled Yes or No. This one was written by Kev M way before the band was formed, about a guy contemplating about his confusion of this romantic status over this particular girl, leaning to asking her the question answerable only by a 'yes' or a 'no'. The original song was a quick one, so we have edited this (+3 semitones for the key, added a bridge, modifying the dynamics).

And now we are getting piled up with new originals, completed or in progress:

1. Kras - lyrics and music by PJ N and Kev M (completed)
2. Sunshine - lyrics and music by PJ N and Kev M (completed)
3. Yes or No - lyrics and music by Kev M, bridge by PJ N (completed)
4. Smile For Me - lyrics by PJ N, music by PJ N, Kev M and JV P (completed)
5. How Can I Let You Go - lyrics and music by Kev M (completed)
6. Black And White - lyrics and music by PJ N and Kev M (completed)
7. Telepono - lyrics by Trish Z, music by PJ N

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