Cherry Malaya

Solo Artist,Singer

  • RnB / Soul
  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 60 Minutes | No. of Sets : 2



Cherry Malaya is an R&B Singer, former lead singer of the Acid Jazz band, Cheeba, song writer and front woman of the band Cherry Cornflakes. She’s been active in the mainstream industry since 2003, with a couple of albums released since 2004. She also worked on a few tracks with other artists and also recorded jingles, and appeared on radio/TV commercial projects.

She works with Jr Oca, a jazz guitarist by foundation, but is an all-around musician by profession. He can play anything from a jazz standard to Closer by the Chainsmokers. He is the lead vocalist of the legendary reggae band "TROPICAL DEPRESSION," taking after the late Papadom. He is also the man behind J.O.E. (The JR Oca Experience), combining orgasmic and feel good music, put it into a shaker, add a slice of unorthodox style and serve it on a glass of showmanship.

and DJ Danny aka 'dapbeatz' is a vocal percussionist, choreographer and an events host. He's the co-founder of Human BeatBox Org of DLSU's "HeartBeatBox." He's the vocal percussionist and beatboxer of the country's premier, multi-awarded, Pop-Capella group "THE AKAFELLAS." He also choreographs, directs and hosts corporate events and special occasions.


Acoustics, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Host, Weddings


Former vocalist for the band, "Cherry Cornflakes" (Pop Rock) with 4 released albums. Also former front woman for the band "Cheeba" (Acid Jazz/Funk Soul), with radio airplay on several radio stations in Metro Manila, Lead vocals for punk band, "The Scandals", Lead female vocalist for the band "Jack Versus the Crab" (Blues), also did back up vocals for blues band, "Puerza Azul".

Vocal ranges from rock, to pop, to acid jazz, to soul and R&B. Her genre consists of 90s R&B tracks.

2 years ago

Bong Alorro


Fantastic singer and artist!

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