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  • Metro Manila
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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 1



Teresa sports lyric-driven alternative rock that focuses on dreams, the human condition and concepts (such as love and desires), making these stories central to their technical musicianship. Their high-energy and interactive performance also puts the audience in the front-seat as they travel through the emotions and images that their lyrics drive forward, and makes sure that everyone gets to have a night of good fun, and something to think about during times of soul-searching. A group that's been together for 5 years and beyond, they continue to write new material and improve their well-crafted musicianship towards building a community of people who aspire to be the best that they could be, and the take the leap of faith as they have.


Others(Bar gigs and productions!)


Starting with their pledge to be the best of themselves, Teresa began as a project of four not-so-like-minded individuals who decided to leave a legacy behind and be leaders of the music industry for years to come. A faithful day of 5 years ago, their guts told them that "hey, pagaling tayo para balang araw maging inspirasyon tayong ibalik ang dating eksena ng musika ng Pilipinas." Fortunately, through rough patches of waiting-games and random gigs to serve as practice, Teresa is now ready to gather their musical weapons and enter a new age of music & lyrics.

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