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  • Set Duration : 45 Minutes | No. of Sets : 3



Im a fast learner, hardworking as a team, groove oriented, a little bit knowledge music notations, my favorite genre's are jazz, funky, progressive rock, classical
I want to look oppurtunity outside country, im willing to learn or teach me in music , i want to be a professional musicians, i want to be a recording artist someday, my present band is alon band and x3rm 8, alon band is a recording artist, who original composer of pusong bato, and me as a backup musician, and the x3rm8 band is cover band which play any type of genre,we play rnb, rock, alternative, retro, classic music


Birthdays, Corporate Events, Weddings


Before im a lead guitar and i shift into drums, ive been play since 2009 as a drummer,i like to discover new music, lessons new artist, songs, exercises,
Before i become a cover band, ive start in underground music which is play heav metal songs like pantera metallica and etc, then i was wonder i want to be a professional musician, travel international, its just a dream when i was start in music, i push my self to apriciate all of genre, and when play in resto bar first play and the bar pay me as tf, im so very happy then i listen and listen to other most played and most requsted song,

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